Tweet your creative responses to ‘loss’ and be a part of this new digital writing project.   On Twitter recently the #LossLit hashtag has caught my eye and I’ve noticed people tweeting micropoems and microfictions to do with ‘loss’.  There’s a #LossLit evening tonight at 9pm (GMT) so I’ll be tuning in to Twitter and […]


I have a new poem online here. Thanks to editor Jody Porter.  

messy bed notebook

I’m writing this post at 8pm on Saturday, 9th August. I’m in bed, eating an apple, there’s an oversized mug of liquorice tea on the windowsill, a pile of notebooks, pens, poetry books and magazines sinking into the mattress next to me like a silent lover. Ooo-er. We’re not long back from a 12 mile […]

town crier

In August 2012 I started a poetry blog, an uncluttered, ad-free site, called And Other Poems. Two years, 262 poets and more than 425 poems later, And Other Poems is going to take a rest.   There will be five more posts next week so please don’t abandon ship yet. If you haven’t been following, […]

flag in window

You might remember that me and my family hosted two teenagers from Bethlehem last year, when we took part in a cultural exchange programme organised by Bradford-on-Avon Friends of Palestine. It was a wonderful experience for us to learn more about Palestinians and their culture and we’ve been watching recent events unfold in Gaza with […]


How lovely to find out on Thursday afternoon that my tweet-sized poem ‘Picnic’ has come 2nd in #micropoem14, a Twitter poetry competition run by the Centre for New Writing, and the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, at the University of Manchester. To take part in this year’s competition, judged by John McAuliffe, Janet Rogerson […]

me reading

One of the highlights of reading for a living is choosing which poems and stories to bring to my weekly, read aloud, shared reading groups. Whenever and whatever I’m reading at home (or on the move) my weekly groups are in my mind: will they find this story/novel extract/poem interesting? Will it get them talking? […]

iowa mooc

How Writers Write Poetry I’ve signed up for the University of Iowa’s free, six-week MOOC (massive open online course) called ‘How Writers Write Poetry’, which started on June 28th. There’s still time to sign up and take part – details here. There are two 30 minute videos to watch each week, presented by poets who […]

pamphlet June 2014

After the happiness that came with an email from Gareth Lewis telling me that tall-lighthouse would like to publish my pamphlet (which I mentioned here) there was a time of staring. Staring at my computer screen (sometimes on, sometimes off), at my hands, at the wall, out of the window, at a sea of printed […]

Russian dolls heads

Tomorrow I will put on my poetry head so I can write poems. It will be so easy. My work colleagues have already snapped my working head inside a polypropylene wallet. No emails to be spat out until Monday. My children will sit on my mother head while they’re doing their homework or being driven […]


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