The Misplaced House

My poetry pamphlet, ‘The Misplaced House’, was published by the British small press tall-lighthouse on November 30th, 2014.  It’s available to buy here.

Blurbs from the back of the book:

Her eye looks inward to stories of house and home, a Catholic childhood, memories of family, but outwards too, connecting to events in the wider world – the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Iranian Embassy siege – in a way that lends resonance to both.  Tender, fierce, sometimes blackly comic, these poems will lodge in your mind. – Esther Morgan

These are passionate, engaged poems that explore the territory between public and private, between domestic space and the wider world.  Poets usually limit their poems to dealing with one or the other.  Josephine Corcoran has an enviable ability to move easily between the two: integrating terrorists, drones and other threats to well being and security into the fabric of home and family. – Vicki Feaver

From the web:

Maria Taylor wrote about ‘The Misplaced House’ here.

Emma Lee has reviewed ‘The Misplaced House’ here.

Delighted to have had a mention on the blogs of Isabel Rogers, Robin Houghton, Abegail Morley,  and Hilaire.

Some reviews from the Amazon website (although the pamphlet is not available to buy from Amazon – only from the tall-lighthouse website as detailed above).


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