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It’s the first of the month! First of March! Mornings are becoming lighter, nights are descending later, birdsong is sounding more exuberant.  The crocuses are out! It’s a good time for exclamation marks! The year is still young enough to make plans! Taking stock. On the first of every month, at least one person arrives at this […]


:Useful information for arts organisations and charities. One element of my part-time job with The Reader Organisation has been to recruit volunteers to work as Facilitators in the weekly Read Aloud Groups I’ve established in five (soon six) Wiltshire Libraries.  The groups are specifically for people with dementia, or other illnesses affecting memory,  and their carers. Challenging […]

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Is this a thing?  I think I’m experiencing it!  I’m ploughing through my unfinished poems and despatching them to magazines at rates previously unknown to me.  I have eight poems out with four different magazines.  As most magazines take between 4 – 8 months to respond to submissions, I’ve decided to send them in twos […]

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This post was originally published on 12 February 2015 but I’m going to keep adding to it as I hear of new courses. Here are the courses with links to registration forms and blurb from each site.  I might see some of you in class! NEW! Ten Premodern Poems by Women   – Stanford University – March 31 – June 9 Course […]

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I was wondering how your writing is going?  I started off the year by resolving to write for at least one hour a day with all distractions (mostly social media feeds) switched off.  It was much more straightforward when I was on leave from my paid, part-time (ha!) job but it has become more difficult […]

Wolf Hall

As I’ve mentioned before I work part-time for The Reader Organisation and I read aloud every week with groups of people living with dementia and their carers. We read all sorts of poems and stories, talk about feelings and memories that these bring to mind, enjoy a hot drink and a few cakes and generally […]


Archiving your blog or website at The British Library As out-of-the-blue messages go, the email I received last week from The British Library, requesting permission to archive my poetry site, And Other Poems, was one of the most unexpected: Dear Sir/Madam The British Library would like to archive your website in the UK Web Archive. The […]


Not once have I mistakenly written “2014” – it’s as if it’s always been 2015 and always January, the month that every year, to me, seems the l-o–o–o-ongest.  My write-for-an-hour-a-day-with-the-internet-turned-off pledge has mostly been observed, resulting in three new poems and an old one revised.  Four poems are out for consideration. I’ve done two poetry readings, […]


More than ever this week, my brain has become worn out by being on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s brought home to me the value of “owning” a small space on the internet – ie a blog – where I have the luxury of more than 140 characters to write down some of my thoughts about […]


Carrying on as normal. You know that this isn’t a political blog and, if you follow me on Instagram and you’ve seen my rabbit pics, you’ll know that I’m not an intellectual.  I don’t usually blog about what’s happening in the News but I don’t think I can, today, write about poetry blogs or how […]


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