Three blogs that aren’t about writing.

Perhaps EVERYTHING is about writing, I don’t know, but I come across stuff, in my WordPress travels, blogs by people who aren’t expressly writing about writing and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found. You might enjoy these blogs, too! If nothing else, they give a little insight into the variety of ways that people use blogging as a means of communicating something about themselves.

Hoarder Comes Clean is a blog by Sandy who is “blogging her way to a clutter-free house, one box, one stack, one cabinet at a time” after the death of her life-partner, Bob. Sandy considers what to do with each item she finds, asks why it was kept and what it tells her about herself and her partner, Bob.

Film Grimoire is “a place for film reviews and reflections” by Anna, a recent psychology and linguistics graduate from Melbourne, Australia. A nice place to visit if you’re looking for ideas about what to watch or if you enjoy reminiscing about favourites.

And, finally,  (I’ll do a follow-up post soon) Khin Writes is somewhere to visit if you’re in the mood for looking at pretty pictures. Khin, from Singapore, posts images of flowers and craftwork she makes using crochet, calligraphy and typography. If you like her work she links to her shop on Etsy or you can just be inspired by her creativity.

What I also admire about these three sites is the inventive ways the bloggers have created an online space for themselves, using free WordPress themes.

Feel free to leave tips about blogs YOU enjoy which aren’t to do with what you usually do. Meanwhile, as it’s a public holiday in the UK tomorrow (Monday), I’m sipping a glass of Prosecco as I type and looking forward to a week off work. Cheers, everybody. :-)


  1. Cheers Josephine! Enjoy a well earned break. :)


    1. Thanks, Helen! The same to you! Hope to have some time to visit more blogs in my Reader – including yours :-)


  2. Thanks so much for the link and for the lovely words! Enjoy the prosecco – nothing better than a nice break with wine.


    1. Thanks, Anna! Glad to have found your blog :-)


  3. Inspired by your adventurous spirit I’ve just started to follow this blog by a young anthropologist and I expect I will get some fresh points of view on things –


    1. Hello Elly! I’ve started following, too. Thanks for the tip :-)


  4. Oh Josephine, you’re so kind for mentioning my blog on yours. (:
    Such a lovely surprise!
    Thank you so much and enjoy your break! (:



    1. It’s a pleasure, Khin :-) Glad to have found your blog.


  5. Cheers Josephine, another rainy bank holiday here in Hove, so the drinks are being consumed inside……..but a pub is a good place to be on a rainy bank holiday :) isn’t it?


    1. Enjoy the rest of the holiday, Hugh, and thank you for stopping by :-) *clinks glasses*

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